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Singer and songwriter David Kitt: said he can no longer afford to live in his home town

This week, the singer and songwriter David Kitt announced that he was leaving Ireland. “I’m being forced to leave the country I love as I can’t afford(...)

Do you know your Eurovision winners from your 1916 Rising leaders? What’s in a traditional Irish brekkie, or which county hosts the Puck Fair? Irish (...)

Gibson Les Paul: “Too expensive a guitar to be sitting there waiting for me to pick it up in a blue moon”

From hedge-trimmers to baby monitors, and from candlesticks to a pair of his-and-hers Playboy dressing gowns: the unwanted Christmas gifts on Irish cl(...)

 A night in: the music is deafening, the air smells like dry ice and socks, and a surprising number of people are wearing sunglasses on the dance floor of the  Wright Venue nightclub, in Swords. Photograph: David White Photography

Airside Retail Park is a gaudy shopping fortress perched on an unlovely hillside and encased within a spaghetti knot of ring roads, bypasses and motor(...)

Sitting pretty: Barbie. Photograph: Timur Emek/Getty

‘Just a moment, boys and girls,” says the jolly railway porter, announcing short delays on the indoor Polar Express. “There must be leaves on the trac(...)

‘What I’m doing right now isn’t healthy, I know that.’ Randy Santel, a former college footballer turned ‘professional eater’, taking part in the 64oz steak challenge at Judge Roy Beans Bar & Restaurant in Newbridge, Co Kildare. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

Like Clark Kent, Randy Santel has a superhero alter-ego. But rather than ducking through revolving doors, the 27-year-old’s secret powers are activate(...)

Irish Times winners at the National Newspapers of Ireland journalism awards: Emma Somers, Eoin Butler, Kitty Holland, Paul Howard, Kate Holmquist and Fintan O’Toole. Photograph: Alan Betson

Irish Times reporter Kitty Holland has been named National Journalist of the Year for her coverage of the Savita Halappanavar story. The judges(...)

Award winners pictured at the NNI awards ceremony this afternoon. Photograph: Rachel Colllins/Twitter

Irish Times reporter Kitty Holland has been named National Journalist of the Year for her work in breaking the story about the death of Savita Halappa(...)

THE Irish Times has received 29 nominations for the National Newspapers of Ireland Awards for 2013, more than any other newspaper. The newspaper domin(...)

Cancer: the toughest journey

Sir, – I burst into tears and couldn’t stop crying while reading “Cancer: the toughest journey” (Eoin Butler, March 10th) about the non-exis(...)