UCD students and faculty members  photographed in the college’s Garden of Rememberence where a moment’s silence was held for  the students who died and were injured in Berkeley, California. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Members of the families of the three UCD students who died in the Berkeley tragedy were joined by hundreds of classmates and peers at Belfield on Wedn(...)

Philosopher Richard Kearney: “When a wound goes underground and isn’t spoken about, it’s acted out – very often through violence, through alcoholism, through depression, through suicide.”

Sitting in the university town of Strasbourg near the French-German border, philosopher Richard Kearney is preparing for the last in a series of Europ(...)

Edith Stein: believed there is an important link between empathy and knowledge

TODAY’S IDEAInnovators have moral responsibilities tooIn the headlong rush to embrace the “knowledge economy”, there has been little reflection on the(...)