Children are accessing hardcore, frequently violent, porn, roughly around the time they get their own smartphone. Photograph: iStock

It’s an unassailable law – a law so fixed it might be carved into our DNA – that every generation regards the next generation’s attitude to sex as dys(...)

‘I’ve had a 78-year-old woman come to me recently having a little bit of trouble because her partner has been given Viagra’

If you are drinking your morning coffee while reading this, then perhaps this article should come with a warning. There are going to be phrases that w(...)

Depression and anxiety are common in men with erectile dysfunction and can affect not only the sexual relationship but social and work activities as well

Men are generally not known for taking care of their health, unless something they really care about takes a hit – their penis. It’s a tricky subjec(...)

Our sexual egos are fragile things. The moment we take our clothes off in front of someone, we place our mind and body in an extreme position of vuln(...)

It’s a really healthy thing. It releases great endorphins and chemicals into our bodies that help us to feel happier, to feel more creative, to feel braver. It lifts depression and helps with headaches and period cramps.

Women should masturbate “as often as they can”, according to an Irish sexologist. Sexual health educator Emily Power Smith said: “It’s a really hea(...)

If you or your partner use a phone, a tablet or a laptop in bed, how does it affect your sex life? The answer is surprising. Only three out of (...)

Body confidence: women grow happier with their bodies as they get older, with 59 per cent of women aged 50-64 feeling happy. Photograph: Getty Images

Men are happier with their body image than women are, and the older men get the more pleased with themselves they are, according to our survey. Sev(...)

Dating in Ireland these days is about “hooking up” online; more often for men and bisexual women than for heterosexual women. Nearly one in fou(...)

BDSM is now ‘part of the fantasy range’ for many people, according to psychotherapist and Irish Times columnist Trish Murphy.

The Fifty Shades of Grey phenomenon may be having an influence on Irish people’s sex lives, with one in five people who responded to The Irish Time(...)

Almost half of the sexually active men who responded to The Irish Times sex survey masturbate more than once a week. Photograph: Thinkstock/Getty Images

Men masturbate more than women, with one in four male respondents to The Irish Times sex survey saying they do it every day, compared with 5 per ce(...)

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