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One of Mark Garry’s trademark rainbows of coloured thread

A New Quiet – Mark Garry RHA Gallagher Gallery (Gallery 1) **** At first glance, you would be forgiven for thinking that Mark Garry’s (...)

At JLL’s 50th anniversary were Colin Dyer (left), president and CEO of JLL, and John Moran, MD, JLL Ireland

John Moran, managing director of commercial agents JLL, and Colin Dyer, president and chief executive officer of JLL, were at a reception last Thursda(...)

’The closer you get to the Vatican system, with all its power struggles and careerism, the more disillusioned you can become.’ Photograph: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

People regularly ask me how I am? The answer to that is complex, andI do not usually burden or bore my questioner by going into details about it. It i(...)

‘Y ou look like you’ve been down a coal mine,” is a frequent accusation round our house. And today we have. Our(...)

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