Ellen Terry

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Almost any woman you would meet by chance, she asserts, would make a better husband than almost any man ever born, according to English actor Ellen Terry. Photograph: iStock

“Know a man for 15 minutes and you know him for life, he will never surprise you again, he wouldn’t know how to; asking would only frighten him.” Thi(...)

My first sight of him was in a London restaurant called Appenrodts. I was twelve years old and life to me appeared in a series of luminous blurred imp(...)

Oscar Wilde: “In the upper reaches of English society it was not the men, who mostly did not like him, who made his success, but the women”
Oscar Wilde: ladies’ man
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  • October 16, 2015, 07:26

“Do you have any other ideas?” With these words my endlessly patient agent ended his explanation of why the book proposal his naive new client had dev(...)