Ellen Mccourt

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Still from Angela’s Christmas Wish, set in Limerick.

The good people at Brown Bag Films seem to be doing well for themselves. Damien O’Connor appears on my Zoom screen before a large high-ceilinged room (...)

Ellen McCourt with Frank McCourt’s  daughter Maggie and grandsons Jack and Avery.  Photograph: Press 22

The rain now synonymous with the Limerick of Angela’s Ashes was noticeably absent as the family of the novel’s author, Frank McCourt, scattered his as(...)

Ellen McCourt, wife of the late Frank McCourt, with Professor Joseph O’Connor before his inaugural lecture as Professor of Creative Writing at the University of Limerick. Photograph: Alan Place/FusionShooters

Award-winning novelist Joseph O’Connor has described up and coming young Irish writers as “dazzling in their scope and originality”.Speaking before hi(...)

  Joseph O’Connor: appointed to Frank McCourt chair in creative writing

Bestselling author Joseph O’Connor has been announced as the inaugural Frank McCourt chair in creative writin(...)