Ellen King

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Girls Rock Dublin. Photograph: Kristy Hal

A number of Irish initiatives are addressing gender imbalance in the music industry. “Everything that a guy says once, you have to say five times,” B(...)

Gash Collective member Ellen King, aka ELLLL: “It’s a really good opportunity to just get stuck in, in a completely non-judgemental atmosphere”

The lack of women on festival line-ups is causing plenty of heated debate on social media, with those against the idea of equality responding with “wo(...)

The gender disparity issue is even more pronounced in electronic music, which is very  male-dominated

You don’t need a doctored poster of a festival line-up to know that there are less women on the bills of the vast majority of music festivals and club(...)

RSAG: ‘I use Take by Propellerhead. It’s a quick and easy way to get down some ideas on the fly, and it’s free.’

Digital technology has democratised many things, and the recording process for music is certainly one of them. Studios have a seemingly endless array(...)