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Mark Ronson:‘Therapy has made me a more stable, balanced, less anxious person.’  Photograph: Joe Pugliese/Courtesy of Apple

Mark Ronson has been a DJ longer than he hasn’t: his entire adult life, sometimes working four or five nights a week, since he was 18. “What is that?”(...)

Looking 20 feet away from a screen for 20 seconds every 20 minutes can help tired eyes. Photograph: iStock

In the pandemic, our eyes are working harder than ever. With the majority of our communication nonverbal, and all but the upper third of our faces cov(...)

The amount of income tax Apple pays in Australia has been criticised as inadequate, given its practice of profit-shifting via Ireland revealed in 2014

Reports that Apple has not paid any tax in New Zealand for a decade have prompted experts to voice concerns that much-promised international crackdown(...)