Psychotherapist Stella O’Malley thinks teenagers and those in their early 20s have been treated very callously by the public during this lockdown.

Everybody, regardless of age, has had a lot less autonomy over their lives during the past year with pandemic restrictions. “This year has been a ver(...)

Eileen Keane Haly at home in Clogheen, Cork, with her daughters Megan and Erin. Photograph: Michael Mac Sweeney/Provision

Eileen Keane Haly still remembers how nervous she was about letting the eldest of her four daughters, Megan, out to her first disco. But when her youn(...)

Social distancing is bewildering, unnatural and distressing for young children, and communicates the idea that other people are a threat and to be feared.

Life or death has been the chief focus of State and society as we froze for more than two months, watching and counting in sorrow Covid-19’s ravaging (...)

While there was no immediate concern about young children being confined to their homes, small spaces and a lack of outdoor space would be an issue, as would any prolonged absence of peer interaction. Photograph: Frank Perry/ AFP

Health and safety, and hygiene in pre-school care settings should not take precedence over the freedom children have to explore and play, a senior psy(...)

‘What sticks in my head is, as a young child, crying and crying and not knowing why I was crying,’ says Jane, about her dad’s death. Photograph: iStock

A nine-year-old boy didn’t realise his parents were separating until he saw his father go out the door with a suitcase and his mother told him: “Dad i(...)

The Growing Up in Ireland study examines the lives of children who were three years old in the middle of the recession from the late 2000s. File photograph: Frank Miller/The Irish Times

Two out of three families saw their income fall during the recession, one in seven went into arrears on utility bills, and one in 10 fell behind on th(...)

How we ourselves were parented tends to be a dominant influence, even if it means resolving to do exactly the opposite of our parents, says Heino Schoenfeld, early years development manager with Barnardos Ireland. Photgraph: iStockphoto
How do you parent?

It was during the throes of premature labour with her first baby that Ollwyn Moran realised “being a parent isn’t about me any more – it is whatever i(...)

Dr Elizabeth Nixon (right) and Dr Jean Quigley from the school of psychology TCD who specialise in infant and child research, in TCD. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

The differences fathers and mothers bring to the parenting equation may be a sensitive topic in our era of equality, but researchers at Trinity Col(...)

The Growing Up study highlighted the link between a baby’s development and the sensitivity shown by  its parents when interacting with the baby. It said parental stress was associated with depression,  with having a baby with a difficult temperament and not having adequate support.

Premature babies or babies with a low birth weight may be at risk of poorer developmental, according to the latest Growing Up in Ireland report publis(...)

Minister for Children and Youth Affairs  Frances Fitzgerald. File Photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

The importance of early intervention to help parents raise their children was highlighted by Minister for Children Frances Fitzgerald at the launch of(...)

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