After her successful first book, Notes to Self, a collection of personal essays, Emilie Pine is now writing fiction. Photograph: Ruth Connolly

Emilie Pine’s debut novel draws on her personal experiences of infertility and loss, and finds heartbreaking beauty in our everyday lives Tellin(...)

The characterisation of witches as hags, sorcerers, temptresses, child murderers, evil incarnate  is the focus of the Swiss-French feminist Mona Chollet’s (above) In Defence of Witches

What do Walt Disney, William Shakespeare and Roald Dahl have in common? Aside from the fact that they’re men, or perhaps because of this, they have al(...)

Your thoughts follow your mood. Manage your mindset and master your mood.

In American Football, there is a common phrase that can be heard reverberating around locker rooms throughout this sacred season. I first heard these (...)

Emma Gannon’s Olive takes a tried and tested formula and breathes new life into it.

Taking a group of female friends and exploring their lives and relationships is a staple of contemporary women’s fiction, from Maeve Binchy’s Circle o(...)

 As we wait for life to return to normal, it’s still possible to live a slice of authentic Italy at home

“I’m thinking of everyone in hotspots right now, young and old, but Crema – my heart is with you, I can’t believe this is happening,” wrote actor Timo(...)

Bad Sex winners: John Harvey and Didier Decoin, who share the 2019 award

In a year of two Booker prize winners and two Nobel laureates, the Bad Sex in Fiction Award has plumped for two recipients of “Britain’s most dreaded (...)

Mary Costello: the Irish author has been nominated for a passage in her latest novel, The River Capture

The Irish author Mary Costello has been shortlisted for this year’s Bad Sex in Fiction Award. She joins Elizabeth Gilbert, the bestselling author of E(...)

Bewater bottles: there is a kind of magic here. Nonetheless, that magic is flavoured ‘not real’

A warning: crystal talk is incoming, which is always a sign you have stayed at the party too long and things are about to all get a bit patchouli. I’(...)

“In recent years, self-help has altered its guise. We are no longer dieting, we are clean eating, and we aren’t sweating like pigs at aerobics, we are a pilates-performing fitfam.”

Chicken Soup for the Soul was my gateway drug. It was the early 1990s, the United States was in the buoyancy of its early Clinton years, and my mother(...)

Most of these ideas didn’t have legs. Most of them started off with some low-self-esteem addled chick who had fallen hard for some much cooler dude – a busker say or a sound engineer

Back in the days when I used to sit down and think, “I’ll write a book, I mean how hard can it be?” I came up with one of many ideas for My Amazing F(...)

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