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The Color Company, trading as the Irish Post, announced in February  it had bought the digital and intellectual property assets of Irish TV from the liquidator in a six-figure transaction. Photograph: iStock

Ireland’s competition watchdog has cleared the proposed acquisition of the defunct Irish TV by the publisher of London-based newspaper the Irish Post.(...)

Peter Sutherland: former chairman of Goldman Sachs International signed Irish4Europe’s letter which urged eligible Irish voters to reject a Brexit. Photograph: Gary O’Neill

Irish businesspeople are understandably wary about being seen to interfere in the UK’s forthcoming vote on EU membership. The Irish4Europe business lo(...)

Niall O’Dowd said there “are many outstanding opportunities” to expand the “Irish” brand in print and on online, along with developing social media networks on the back of such brands. Photograph: Eric Luke

The Irish Post newspaper, which was saved from liquidation nearly two years ago, has bought a shareholding in the Irish Voice newspaper and Irish Amer(...)