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Georigan interior by Hélène Broderick

What do interior designers do and why do you need one? We put the question to established names and newbies to the business. We spend most of our lif(...)

View of Malahide Marina

Ireland’s first residential marina was constructed in 1994 in the sheltered Broadmeadow Estuary adjacent to the seaside village of Malahide. The comp(...)

TV presenter Jenny Buckley in her new kitchen which she has just installed. Photograph: Alan Betson

You will always find Jenny Buckley in the kitchen at parties providing of course it is her own party and her own spanking new kitchen. She likes noth(...)

Only 6% of young people agree that “the referendum has an impact on existing marriage between a man and a woman”. Photograph: Getty Images

Some 90 per cent of 18- to 35-year-olds say they would vote Yes in the same sex marriage referendum, but only 55 per cent say they are likely to cast (...)

Sobrr, a social network built by its founder after deleting “every trace of what had happened” at his stag party in Las Vegas, may tap into a desire t(...)