Eimear O’Carroll and Rhona Togher set up Restored Hearing  in 2009. Their first product was a tinnitus therapy to help reduce the hearing condition

Irish start-up Restored Hearing has been awarded €2.3 million in EU funding to further commercialise its sound-absorbing technology. The company has(...)

Restored Hearing company founders Eimear O’Carroll (left) and Rhona Togher.  Photograph: Conor McCabe

Restored Hearing, the Sligo-based company behind Sound Relief, the award-winning tinnitus therapy, has developed a revolutionary new smart acoustic ma(...)

Founded by Rhona Togher (left) and Eimear O’Carroll, Restored Hearing developed Sound Bounce, an insert for a standard pair of earmuffs that can respond to an increase of decrease in noise levels, protecting the wearer’s hearing from sudden loud noises but also allowing them to hear conversation when the noise levels are lower

An Irish start-up aimed at preventing hearing damage through the development of smart materials is set to put its first product on sale. Founded by (...)

 Mark Fields of Ford talks about Ford Smart Mobility at CES. Photograph: EPA/MICHAEL NELSON

As the curtain is set to fall on yet another CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, the usual debate is almost certain to raise its head: is(...)

Rhona Togher and Eimear O’Carroll of Restored Hearing: “We had a number of customers for our tinnitus solution telling us that their problem was the result of exposure to noise so we decided to look at that problem,” says O’Carroll.

Hearing damage as a result of workplace noise is a problem which has been recognised for many years. Health and safety legislation requi(...)