Enrolment policies at St Patrick’s National School, Church Road, Greystones, have stirred controversy locally. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

A retired Church of Ireland archdeacon has been barred from taking part in church services by the Archbishop of Dublin for six months after speaking o(...)

At an extraordinary general meeting of the St Patrick’s National School  parent-teacher association on Wednesday night, parents held a series of confidence votes relating to the controversy. Photograph: iStock

Parents at a Church of Ireland primary school at the centre of a row over its admissions policy have overwhelmingly backed a no confidence vote in its(...)

While the “baptism barrier” has been removed for most schools, minority faith schools may are entitled to discriminate based on religion in their admissions. Photograph: iStock

Should a child who attends church services regularly get priority access to their local State-funded school? It’s a question that goes to the heart o(...)

Church of Ireland primary school St Patrick’s in Greystones, Co Wicklow, has insisted that it is a “diverse and inclusive school”. Photograph: iStock

Minority faith schools will not be allowed to rank children on the basis of how often they attend church services in their admission policies, under n(...)

Minority faith schools are legally permitted to discriminate on the basis of religion in their admission policies. Photograph: iStock

A principal has resigned from a Church of Ireland primary school in protest over moves to prioritise the enrolment of children who are actively involv(...)