11 Reginald Street, Dublin 8: property extending to 786sq ft has been completely renovated

Last Saturday morning, a sunny bright day, children were out playing on tree-lined Reginald Street in the Liberties, two older women were chatting on (...)

Test of time: the ravaged interior of the Iveagh Markets on Dublin’s Francis Street. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

The Iveagh Markets are one of the most striking historic landmarks in the Liberties area of Dublin. The markets were commissioned by Edward Cecil Guin(...)

Jack Reilly at the Iveagh Flats: ““I’ve absolutely no regrets. This all holds great memories for me.”  Photograph: David Sleator

The Iveagh Trust, set up by Sir Edward Cecil Guinness in 1890 to provide “housing and related amenities for the labouring poor”, gave Dublin so(...)