A new play seeks to challenge Samuel Beckett’s instructions that only men may appear in Waiting for Godot. Photograph: Ali Wright

A dead man’s voice can travel a long way. In 1988, Samuel Beckett sued a Dutch theatre company for casting women in his existential drama Waiting for (...)

Il Bravo: nominated for best opera and best costumes. Photograph: Clive Barda/ArenaPal

A stunning, shape-shifting lament with a bravura star performance. A room-spinning take on an unstaged Samuel Beckett novel. A vivid mingling of forgo(...)

‘My director Natalie Abrahami banned any mention of Beckett’s most famous muse Billie Whitelaw from the rehearsal room,’ says actor Lisa Dwan of when she first played Not I. Photograph: Eric Luke

In 2005 in London, I came across the most unusual script I’d ever seen. The 10 or so pages looked like sheet music. Each phrase or word was separated (...)