‘Anxiety cannot be deceived’. Photograph: The Image Bank

One of the few industries that seems to have benefited in the US and UK from the Trump-Brexit upheaval is psychotherapy. Therapists in both countries(...)

“What the hell is water?” Photograph: Thinkstock

Imagine, instead of being situated in the Louvre, the Mona Lisa was hanging on your bathroom wall. Would you have a different appreciation of it? W(...)

Pope John Paul II seems to have had a phenomenal capacity for friendship, something which our age longs for but often finds difficult

Edward Stourton, in this week’s BBC Panorama programme, The Secret Letters of Pope John Paul II, investigated a relationship between the pope and a Po(...)

Edith Stein: believed there is an important link between empathy and knowledge

TODAY’S IDEAInnovators have moral responsibilities tooIn the headlong rush to embrace the “knowledge economy”, there has been little reflection on the(...)

We should blame Socrates for the high regard in which philosophers are held. Here was a man who was sentenced to death and, instead of doing a runner,(...)