Edmund Burke

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Strike 4 Repeal: a video promoting the the campaign, inspired by action taken by women in Poland, has been viewed more than 430,000 times

Within a week of launching, the Strike 4 Repeal campaign, which aims to encourage women in Ireland to withdraw their labour on International Women’s (...)

A view of the crowd, estimated at 5,000, at the Women’s March  in Dublin. Photograph: Clodagh Kilcoyne

It’s hard not to worry. Brexiteers to the east of us, Trumpeters to the west. Political winds blow hard. Unseasonable weather augurs climate change. W(...)

Martin Luther statue in Wittenberg, Germany:  what he intended as the beginning of a theological dialogue in 1517 set in train events that have shaped the world  today. Photograph: iStock

It began 500 years ago this year. It shaped your life and mine, and that of billions of other people since. Yet few realise that anymore. It led to (...)

 Liberal Democrat Sarah Olney, who is committed to voting against invoking article 50. Photograph: Carl Court/Getty Images

Is the Westminster parliament, the model for parliaments around the world, about to roll over and meekly consent to a fundamental reversal in policy t(...)

  Browne at his home in Connemara. Photograph: Joe O’Shaughnessy.

Thirty years ago, the autobiography of a complex and controversial Irish politician was published – to acclaim in some quarters and horror in others. (...)

Beyond the new horizon there are several possible positives to be gleaned from Donald Trump’s victory. Photographs: Getty Images

Politics is a rough trade, practised by seasoned professionals not known for thin-skinned sensibility. But the election of Donald Trump was greeted wi(...)

The Irish budget announcement doesn’t matter much in the overall scheme of things now – and the €1.3 billion adjustment is not that big a deal – because of rules set by the European Union in Brussels. All of the furore is really the narcissism of small differences. Photograph: Getty Images.

The leaking of the budget is now as traditional a part of the fiscal scene as is the moaning about how the whole thing is nakedly political rather tha(...)

Frances Fitzgerald and Micheal Noonan at Trinity College surrounded by student from Glanmire in Cork. Photograph: Cyril Byrne/The Irish Times

The talks taking place in Trinity College are not the first political discussions of national importance the campus has hosted. Seán Barrett, seekin(...)

Mercedes Goncalves, a member of the Elizabeth St Leger lodge in Dublin
Sex and the secretive masons

Doneraile Court, Co Cork, 1712: Elizabeth St Leger was reading one evening when she happened to eavesdrop on a masonic rite next door. Some loose bric(...)

Samuel Johnson: “What entitles Sheridan to fix the pronunciation of English?” he asked. “He has, in the first place, the disadvantage of being an Irishman.”  

To modern ears, “Greet Britain” could be a slogan for our neighbouring island’s tourism industry. But there was a time when it might have become the s(...)

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