Brexit developments may continue the political momentum towards a Border poll, but coronavirus means less cash and resources to pay the bills.

Like just about everything else in relation to a united Ireland, the economics is hotly contested. Much of the debate centres on support for Northern (...)

Positives from the pandemic: Máire Gilmartin of St Vincent's University Hospital in PPE; a climate protest near the Dáil; and traffic on the M50 in west Dublin. Photographs: Alan Betson

The crisis presents the country with huge threats. But it also shows us new ways forward – in health, housing, the public service, work and lifesty(...)

The exit from the Covid-19 crisis will give us some opportunities to start anew, but it also presents us with the age-old challenge that getting things to change in a time when there is less cash around is just a lot more difficult


“The Republic is far wealthier than Northern Ireland and its economy grows much more quickly. Facilitating some economic convergence between the two entities would be a significant and public policy challenge.” Photograph: iStock

Pressure to hold a Border poll for Irish unification is “becoming difficult to resist” in the wake of Brexit, but poses risks for the financial streng(...)

Cabinet office minister Michael Gove continues to insist that there will be no ‘border in the Irish Sea’. Photograph: AFP Photo / PRU

And they’re off. Or they will be on Monday when the Brexit trade talks start in Brussels. And for Irish businesses and the economy, one thing is alrea(...)

The North’s economy suffered substantially during the Troubles and did not recover strongly after the Good Friday Agreement. Photograph: iStock

We have yet to see how the negotiations on a new government will pan out, but having got the largest share of the popular vote, Sinn Féin is in a stro(...)

The commission heard  40% of energy-related emissions come from diesel and petrol vehicles and, in spite of Government commitments to move towards electric vehicles, that number would increase. Photograph: Lewis Whyld/PA Wire

More and better public transport and an increased use of environmentally friendly manufacturing materials need to happen urgently if Ireland is to hon(...)

The report found that while Brexit poses  challenges for both exports and imports, “there are significant opportunities for substitution of UK goods by those produced in either Ireland or Germany”.   Photograph: Getty Images

Irish exports could replace up to 55 per cent of UK products imported by Germany after a hard Brexit, a study has found. The research, which was cond(...)

Samson and Goliath: Twin shipbuilding gantry cranes in the Titanic quarter in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Measuring the standard of living in different locations can be difficult. Data for 2012 shows that, when controlling for price differences, output per(...)

Last year 61,016 babies were born in the Republic, the lowest figure since 2002.

People living in Ireland are having significantly fewer children compared to a decade ago despite Ireland’s thriving economy, the Central Statistics O(...)

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