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Britain’s nuclear move

Britain is running out of energy – specifically, electricity generation capacity. As coal-fired power plants are closed down to avoid adding to the ca(...)

Britain’s energy secretary Ed Davey MP: An Taisce is challenging the  legality of the permission he granted for a new nuclear power station in Somerset. Photograph: Jeff Overs/BBC via Getty Images.

The Government has been asked by the United Nations whether it has considered the risks that will be created for Ireland by the construction and opera(...)

The turbine industry is seen by some as arrogant and prepared to ride roughshod over rural Ireland.

The grand narrative about energy supply, which insists that we in countries like Ireland have to come to terms with a post-oil world, is a narrative t(...)

Demonstrators erect a seven meter high “fracking rig” as they call for a ban on exploration and development of shale gas and coal bed methane in the UK.

Shale gas reserves in the north of England could supply the UK’s energy needs for years to come, scientists have declared, as warnings emerge that the(...)

An Taisce has launched a legal challenge to the UK government’s decision to grant planning permission for a nuclear power plant in the Bristol chan(...)

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