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William Guillermo Brown, the son of a Foxford peasant, founded the Argentine navy and played a key role in the successful battle for independence from Spain at the start of the 19th century

Some half a million Argentines claim Irish decent. Most Irish immigrants arrived in Argentina after 1830 and largely came from just two places: the ar(...)

Irish Volunteers and one Irish Citizen Army member inside the GPO 1916. Photograph: Defence Forces Military Archives, Cathal Brugha barracks www.militaryarchives.ie

Tuesday, April 25th, 1916 Government forces arrive in the city by train overnight from Belfast and the Curragh. Machine-gun  fire  (...)

Mount Street Bridge, where one of the bloodiest  fights of the Easter 1916 Rising took place.  Photograph: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Wednesday, April 26th, 1916 At 8am, the shelling of an empty Liberty Hall begins.  Rebels  holding  out  in  the &nb(...)