“Their number is negligible and they are stupid,” wrote Dwight D Eisenhower of those conservatives who could not reconcile themselves to the New Deal. They would grow beyond a thoughtless cult to become the organisational and intellectual core of the Republican Party. Photograph: Getty Images

If a man helps to win the greatest war ever fought among our species, some four-lane highways he built later on will tend not to define him. Sure enou(...)

Woodrow Wilson, the 28th US president: the White House played down his Spanish flu, referring to the illness as a mere cold. Photograph: Topical Press Agency/ Getty

A deadly pandemic raged across the world. Millions had been infected. And suddenly the US president himself was hit by the virus. The year was 1919. (...)

The Sacré Coeur basilica in Paris. Unlike the city’s other traditional haven for artists, Montmartre, Montparnasse is conspicuously flat. Photograph: Getty Images

News that the annual Patrick Kavanagh weekend would not be happening this year, while disappointing, came as no surprise. A text on the subject from A(...)

Gen Eisenhower and Kay Summersby at the surrender of German forces in France 75 years ago today. Photograph: Ralph Morse/Life Images Collection/Getty Images

When the Americans accepted the surrender of German forces in France 75 years ago today, at a schoolhouse in Reims, there was an unusual Irish presenc(...)

US president Donald Trump and Chinese president Xi Jinping. Photograph: Damir Sagolj/File Photo/Reuters

The US president and those around him are set on a showdown with China for mastery of the century. There is assent – even enthusiasm – from other quar(...)

Maureen Sweeney (as she is now) is 96 and sharp as a tack

It’s hardly unusual for a young woman to be out late at night on her 21st birthday. But on June 3rd, 1944, Maureen Flavin had a compelling reason. At (...)

US President Donald Trump and Britain’s prime minister Theresa May during a dinner at Winfield House on Tuesday. The question of the tech giant Huawei came up during Trump’s state visit to the UK. Photograph: Chris Jackson/AFP/Getty Images

A populist is someone who abhors the metropolis and demands its respect. According to the cultural right, big cities are teetering Babels, lawless and(...)

US president Donald Trump at a roundtable discussion on immigration and border security in Calexico, California, on April 5th. Photograph: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images

“Poor Ike,” said Harry Truman of Dwight Eisenhower, his successor-elect as US president in 1952. “He’ll sit here and he’ll say ‘Do this! Do that!’ And(...)

Ian Poulter retrieves his ball out of Rae’s Creek, the water hazard that winds through Amen Corner, lovingly named for John Rae, the Irish-born fur trader, slave owner, and convicted murderer. Photograph: Harry How/Getty Images

In an alternate universe somebody in CBS will grab hold of a microphone at Augusta sometime over the next four days and go completely rogue. Ditching(...)

US senator Elizabeth Warren could be a nightmare for some on Wall Street. Photographer: Callaghan O’Hare/Bloomberg

In a country where “liberalism” means big government and “neoconservatism” implies utopian daring-do, the mangling of another abstract noun was probab(...)

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