Dudley Moore

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You had probably forgotten these ever existed. Sorry about that. 10. KILLING BONO (2011) My main memory of the press screening was, as we staggered (...)

In a time when DVDs are more likely to be gathering dust in your living room than being used, there’s one subgenre of discs that often survives a cul(...)

Raymond Deane: his book is, if you’ll forgive the pun, a sobering read. But the message is ultimately positive

The composer Raymond Deane has never been a man for half measures. As a student, he was the angry young man par excellence among Irish composers. H(...)

This disc was conceived as a collection of encores. It’s got an Australian bias, because Piers Lane is Australian. And, partly as a result of that,(...)

Straight into limbo land

When Mia Barry went in for the 20-week scan on her second child she was told something was wrong with her baby’s feet. They thought it was talipes, th(...)