Elly Curshen aka Elly Pear: building blocks for healthy eating

  Elly Pear’s first book, Fast Days and Feast Days, catered to advocates of the 5:2 diet. It sold extremely well, but the market for her second,(...)

Dr Prannie Rhatigan  will be out and about with a seaweed identification tour

She cooks seaweed by the seashore Dr Prannie Rhatigan was one of the first proponents of the culinary uses of seaweed, with her book Irish Seawe(...)

Seaweed has a high shudder rating. We barely want to swim near it much less put forkfuls in our mouths. Yet we regularly eat it as an e-number in lots(...)

I spent a lovely morning with Maura Laverty recently, nose-deep in her 1946 cookbook, Kind Cooking (...)