Dr O Donoghue

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The National Parks and Wildlife Service spearheads a conservation programme aimed at saving the curlew which was once amongst the most common birds in Ireland. Photograph: Joe Shannon

The cry of the curlew could soon be a distant memory for Irish people and as the species continues its precipitous decline its disappearance from the (...)

Cork University Maternity Hospital: important research has been carried out at the hospital with mothers who decided to continue their pregnancies. Image: Google Streetview

As kids, we used to chant: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” As adults, we know that names are not only hurtful, b(...)

 Aftermath of the IRA bicycle bomb in Coventry, England,  in 1939. Photograph: National Media Museum/SSPL/Getty Images

It was a bustling Friday afternoon, two weeks before her wedding day, when Elsie Ansell went browsing in Broadgate, Coventry’s main shopping street. (...)