Dominique McMullan at home loading the dishwasher

There’s one problem – the Dublin housing market. In reality we can’t afford to buy what we want. And listening to our friends’ experiences we’re not s(...)

We’ve rounded up some of the most popular and the most accessible – from running and swimming to joining a GAA club, learning a marital art or finally(...)

Louise McSharry made a conscious decision not to loose any weight for her wedding day

“I remember being on the front step of my house in Dublin and my friends had sweets, but I knew that I shouldn’t have any. That’s my first memory of k(...)

Interior designer Suzie McAdam will give a talk on ‘Reviving, redecorating and respecting period homes’.

Friday, April 21st 1pm:  “Reviving, redecorating and respecting period homes” with interior designer Suzie McAdam. McAdam, whose body of work in(...)

“What my parents deem a suitable wedding gift is not what I would give my just-married friends.”

Everyone seems to have their own rigid idea of the right way to go about buying a couple a wedding gift. Wedding gifts (like – I’m learning – most asp(...)

60 per cent of the clothing goes back on to the market –  sold by the kilo mostly to Africa and eastern Europe

You know that bag of clothes sitting in the boot of your car? The one you’ve been meaning to drop off for recycling because they aren’t quite good eno(...)

You’ll never have to hide a gravy stain again.

Sick of ploughing through a never-ending pile of washing? A new Irish app can help. Laundrie lets you arrange for your clothes to be picked up from w(...)

George Clinton: coming to a Beatyard near you

The Beatyard festival in Dun Laoghaire has just released its stage times and site map for this weekend’s festival, which takes over the former ferry (...)

Cridland is leading the way in sustainable fashion, just this February having released his “30-year Jacket” (€251)

What’s pink on Rod Stewart, navy on Leonardo DiCaprio and turquoise on Stephen Fry? Tom Cridland trousers, that’s what. This young tailor has been de(...)

Dog lovers rejoice; the first festival in Ireland to celebrate all things pooch- related takes place this summer. Billed as a “Mardi Gras for Mutt (...)

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