Russian-born composer Igor Stravinsky (1882 - 1971) seated at a piano, 1929. Photograph: Boris Roger Viollet/Getty Images

How are composers affected by the experience of lockdowns, pestilence, wars or revolutions? It all depends. At the end of the first World War, Igor S(...)

In 1955, a Soviet delegation sent a cheque to the New York apartment of a 90-year-old Irish author, translator and composer. At the time, the Soviet U(...)

Joe O’Grady will play at  the Emily Anderson Memorial Concerts

Tuesday 19th Emily Anderson Memorial Concerts NCH Kevin Barry Recital Room, 7.30pm,  €17.50, tel: 01-4170000; also Thurs, Galway Music for Gal(...)

Yurodny produce a rich synthesis of wildly celebratory music and epic songs of loss and longing

At a time when broad swathes of the world are focusing ever inward, music has a funny way of coaxing our gaze outward again. Yurodny embody that outwa(...)

Axel Witsel is one of Zenit St Petersburg’s key men. Photograph: Inpho

Say what you want about the source of the money that has fuelled their impressive recent successes but Zenit St Petersburg have quite a history and, i(...)

Composer Karen Power: The  performance in Heuston train station was true to the spirit of the Fluxus movement.

A man is joyfully jumping up and down. On a grave. He is cheering, savagely, fists raised. “In your face,” he shouts. “You are gone. I’m still here.” (...)

The German composer Karl Amadeus Hartmann stayed in Nazi Germany, where his music went unperformed, not because of official diktat, but because he (...)

Photograph: Thinkstock

A couple of years ago I had my ear bent by music lovers who were so upset about the severity of orchestral cutbacks in RTÉ that they seemed to be s(...)

Dmitri Shostakovich (left) with president Eamon de Valera and  the Provost of Trinity, AJ McConnell, at  Áras an Úachtaráin

‘A t least for four days nobody will be able to ring me up, and nobody will ask me anything about anything. That’s already a bonus.” So wrote the comp(...)

The affinities between the music of Mieczyslaw Weinberg and his good friend Dmitri Shostakovich are as obvious as the Beethoven/Brahms connection, (...)