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Irish businesses have grown exports of dairy products to Arab countries by 37 per cent to €140 million

Exports to Arab countries could more than double to almost €12 billion over the next 15 years, a new report says. The Republic sells goods and servic(...)

About three-quarters of builders warned that the labour squeeze was hitting their ability to finish new homes and infrastructure on time.

Builders are struggling to hire skilled workers in key trades, hitting their ability to finish houses and infrastructure on time, a new study shows. (...)

Social Democrats Róisín Shortall TD: consultants found that across Europe there was generally a minimum of three months’ notice to quit. Photograph: Nick Bradshaw

Fianna Fáil is expected to support a Social Democrats Bill to give tenants 90 days’ notice to quit a property and to require landlords to provide new (...)

Rising rents and property prices are a double whammy for younger age groups and there is a real danger this is going to get worse before it starts to get better. Photograph: Frank Miller

Are younger people getting screwed in Ireland? The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes as well, though as with most things there are twists an(...)

A civil engineer with one to two years’ experience can expect a salary of around €30,000, rising to up to €50,000 or more after five years’ experience. Photograph: iStockphoto/Getty Images

The figures don’t lie: there was a 20 per cent rise last year in the number of college applicants opting for construction-related courses along with a(...)

Snowflake generation? To save the €50,000-plus deposit needed to buy  an average new home in Dublin, about  16,000 cappuccinos would have to be forgone. Photograph: Getty Images/iStockphoto

What is the Irish equivalent of avocado on toast for brunch? A daily diet of cappuccinos maybe? Or a satellite-TV subscription? Or a night out every F(...)

Annette Hughes of DKM Economic Consultants said the State needed to “get out and build” rather than  acquiring homes to try a solve the shortage in social housing

State efforts to combat the social housing shortage by buying and leasing properties run the risk of squeezing some purchasers out of the market, one(...)

Builders expect to complete 11,000 homes this year. Image: iStock

Construction will be worth €14.4 billion to the economy this year, according to figures just released. This year’s Euroconstruction Conference in Dub(...)

Property owners have reacted strongly to suggestions that increasing rent supplement by €55 million would serve only to increase their profits. File photograph: Getty Images

Property owners have reacted strongly to suggestions that increasing rent supplement by €55 million would serve only to increase their profits. A pr(...)

A report,  Rent Stability in the Private Rented Sector, is critical of rent controls in general but says the approach favoured by Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly may be seen by landlords as limiting their potential returns. File photograph: Yui Mok/PA Wire

Minister for the Environment Alan Kelly’s proposals for controlling rents could see landlords increasing prices before fixing them for a period in ord(...)