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Tasty Sunday dinner: smoked haddock, leek and potato bake. Photograph: Harry Weir Photography

I’ve mentioned before that I have been getting Instagram lessons from my 14-year-old, but I still can’t crack it. The visual nature of it is instant a(...)

‘Boxty on the griddle, boxty in the pan; if you can’t make boxty, you’ll never get a man.’ Photograph: iStock

These potato cakes, known in Irish as bacstaí (derived from either bácús, meaning bakery, or arán bocht tí, or bread of the poorhouse – no one seems q(...)

Is this how you will be eating your pancakes today? Photograph: iStock

“The first pancake invariably comes out [shaped] like Australia.” This comment from Kate Dempsey, who makes Kinsale Mead with her husband Denis, addre(...)

Roast aubergine purée with goat’s curd, smoked almonds, chilli and rosemary

Here’s a picture of what I was cooking when I had friends over for dinner in the late 1980s. Warm fish terrine – a layer of scallops set in a soft fis(...)

A Christmas cauliflower

December for me is all about spices. In the Tannery kitchen you could tell Christmas is approaching even if you were blindfolded. The air is heady wit(...)

Gerry Godley, at home with his cookbooks, in Rialto, Dublin. ‘In a world full of fads, blow-ins and opportunists, my fondness for Rick Stein remains undimmed.’ Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Gerry Godley is the principal of Leeds College of Music. He was previously a chef and has also been a broadcaster, a saxophonist and concert producer.(...)

Food Month at The Irish Times begins on Friday and will continue throughout November. To launch the initiative, our Winter Food & Drink (...)

A few lamb chops, smoky from the grill, will take you from Ireland to Beirut in a heartbeat

Last March I went to Beirut – a stunning place to be at that time of year. There are green almonds and broad beans everywhere you look, as well as a v(...)

Everything is better served with a condiment. My sous chef, Hannah, predicts that romesco is going to be the new hummus, and I think she might be righ(...)

Chocolate red wine cake with strawberries

Last week I shared my beef Stroganoff recipe, perfect for Valentine’s Day or any laid back, special dinner. Since we’re approaching Valentine’s weeken(...)

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