Dev Hynes

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Three girl rhumba: Boygenius

What: Three of the best new female singer-songwriters get it together Where: USA Why: If you made a list of the best new female artists from North A(...)

If at first you don’t succeed, try another moniker. Blood Orange is the highly successful alias of Dev Hynes. His full name is Devonté Hynes, so he is(...)

Keith Kenniff aka Goldmund

Who: A composer of soothing minimal music Where: Portland, Oregon Why: Minimal, neo-classical and ambient are some of the winners of the streaming mus(...)

Kelsey Lu: “Shades of Blue was a glimpse of hopefulness and peace from within that depression.”

New artist of the week: Kelsey Lu  What: Cellist and vocalist Where: North Carolina Why: The Los Angeles-based classically-trained cellist an(...)

For their 11th studio album, Blondie decided to try something a little different. By enlisting the talents of writers across the spectrum of the rock (...)

Electric Picnic: Facebook statuses will request lifts, free tickets or spare tents. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

When snow is forecast for April it’s hard to see beyond the grey horizon, but Joe Goddard’s new album, Electric Lines, lifted me from the gloom and tr(...)

The credits for Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ album include a dazzling number of A-list and rising stars.  It took a lot of hands to squeeze those lemons

Last week Dev Hynes released his new album, Freetown Sound. It’s his third album as Blood Orange and his first since Cupid Deluxe, in 2013. The album(...)

We’ve been waiting ages for Arthur Russell’s musical legacy to enjoy some shine, so perhaps this compilation will do the trick. A fascinating figur(...)

There are two Jessie Wares. There’s the one who appears on her records, a woman making beautiful, sophisticated, vulnerable, soulful sounds and pro(...)

Kindness: Otherness

Adam Bainbridge trotted into view two years ago with a debut album of languid, sultry, wistful dance-funk. Otherness also inhabits that space where(...)

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