Lady Cochrane died from injuries sustained in the Beirut port blast on August 4th.

Born: May 18th, 1922 Died: August 31st, 2020 Lady Cochrane, as Yvonne Sursock was universally known in Lebanon, was the daughter of Alfred Bey Sursoc(...)

The damaged Sursock Palace in Beirut, home of the late Lady Yvonne Cochrane Sursock, her Irish-born son Roderick and his family. Photograph: Anwar Amro

The Jeanne d’Arc of Lebanon’s splendid cultural heritage, Lady Yvonne Cochrane Sursock, has died aged 98 from injuries suffered during last month’s bl(...)

The 160-year-old Palais Sursock was one Beirut’s great landmarks and home to the Cochrane family. Photograph: Getty Images

In addition to the devastating human toll taken by the recent Beirut explosion, a lesser but not insignificant casualty was the restored 19th century (...)