Catherine Keener:  “I did not know about Harvey Weinstein at all. And I worked for him.” Photograph: Henny Garfunkel/The New York Times

Not for the first time, Catherine Keener laughs her appealingly dirty laugh and nods and swears. “Fucking A, man,” says the affable 58-year-old. &nbs(...)

Idris Elba and  Kate Winslet in The Mountain Between Us

It comes as an enormous relief when the mountain lion turns up. Idris Elba, Kate Winslet and a dog find themselves stranded on a snowy peak somewher(...)

Michelle Monaghan and Jamie Foxx

If they gave out Oscars for cheesiest tagline, then Sleepless could bank that baby like Viola Davis. “Never trust a cop by his cover” we are told. Bec(...)

August: Osage County

Welcome to Osage County, population: showily deranged. This is one heck of a place. Nobody is able to open his or her mouth without touching on some t(...)