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At the Fórsa  civil service division delegate conference held in the INEC in Killarney, Co Kerry. Photograph:  Domnick Walsh/Eye Focus Ltd

There is an epidemic of over-payments to staff in the Civil Service as a result of errors in a centralised pay and leave system introduced as a cost-s(...)

 Eoin Ronayne, general secretary of the Civil Public & Services Union: lower-paid clerical staff remained up to €2,000 a year out of pocket on foot of cuts imposed following the economic crash. Photograph: Eric Luke

Lower-ranking civil servants are to ballot on strike action unless the Government removes the two hours added to the working week without extra pay du(...)

Eoin Ronayne of the  Civil Public and Services Union: those earning up to €38,000 will have to be lifted out of austerity-era cuts. Photograph: Eric Luke

Lower-paid civil servants have warned there “will be trouble” if they do not receive a reduction in working hours and “real pay rises” in forthcoming (...)

Civil Public and Services Union general secretary Eoin Ronayne said there was nothing to stop the in-coming Government from entering into talks on bringing forward elements of the existing Lansdowne Road agreement which is scheduled to run until 2018. Photograph: Eric Luke / The Irish Times

Lower-paid civil servants are to seek the Government to bring forward the payment of a €1,000 increase scheduled for September 2017 to accelerate the (...)

In many sectors falling union membership, advances in technology or competition have reduced workers’ leverage. Photograph: Getty Images

The Lansdowne Road pay deal, which was supposed to have settled public service pay policy until mid-2018, only came into effect in January. It is alre(...)

CPSU general secretary Eoin Ronayne said it was about time the Government began preparing to restore pay rates after years of austerity. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons / IRISH TIMES

Lower-paid civil servants have demanded that they should receive priority from the Government in any restoration of pay rates in the public ser(...)