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Rote learning: Without subject-specific facts committed to long-term memory, higher-order thinking is not possible.

Complaints that the Leaving Cert focuses too much on rote learning and not enough on higher-order thinking surface at this time every year. There is (...)

“We are  heading into an era of unparalleled change, which means education will increasingly be a lifelong pursuit. Technological disruption is set to fundamentally alter the way we live and work.” File photograph: Bryan O’Brien/The Irish Times

Today is a moment of truth for tens of thousands of students across the State who are due to receive their Leaving Cert results. For those waiting anx(...)

Students frequently indicated they could not recall information they had learned off for the Leaving Cert a mere two months later. File photograph: Getty Images

In recent years many media reports have stated that the Leaving Cert is “all rote learning and memory recall”. Is this belief justified? A recent stu(...)

Research has found the main method of preparing for the Leaving Cert exam was to predict questions, prepare answers and learn them off. File photograph: Peter Thursfield/The Irish Times

A new study which raises serious questions over the quality of learning for the Leaving Cert has found that students frequently were unable to recall (...)