We are neither in the middle of an era of unprecedented economic advance nor on the brink of an era of exceptional job destruction.

“Some inventions are more important than others.” This is the most important point made by Robert Gordon of Northwestern University in his masterpiece(...)

At the Kilkenomics Optimistic Economics Brunch Show in Kilkenny yesterday were (from left) Bill Black, Louise Cooper and Peter Antonioni. Photograph: Dylan Vaughan

“Leave the jokes alone!” warns comedian Karl Spain, after former US banking regulator Bill Black upstages him with a gag on the Friday night of Kilken(...)

Having a laugh at the Kilkenomics Festival in Kilkenny yesterday were Dan Ariely, Bill Black and David McWilliams. Photograph: Dylan Vaughan

Three economists walk into a bar (okay, it’s actually a cafe) and meet a journalist. One is Dr Dan Ariely, the Israeli behavioural economist, Duke Uni(...)

Economics was never this interesting when I was at school.The line-up has been released for next month’s Kilkenomics festival, a four-day economics th(...)