Deirdre Hynds

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Deirdre Hynds: “I decided to try and create a product that combined all of the ingredients I already used myself to help with rest and relaxation into a delicious snack bar.”

In February this year, self-confessed insomniac Deirdre Hynds launched Unwind, a range of snack bars for evening time made with ingredients such as ch(...)

A dress from the spring/summer 2016 collection of Irish label We Are Islanders, which "works to cause as little damage as possible to both environment and people within our supply chain"

Phrases such as “ sustainable” and “ethical” are thrown around a lot in the world of fashion these days – unsurprising considering that the last(...)

An activist protests against working conditions at production sites used by the H&M clothing chain in Bangladesh in Berlin last summer. Photograph: Getty Images

It is not hard to find cheap clothes but, last month, the death of more than 1000 workers in a Bangladesh factory collapse highlighted the true pri(...)