Deirdre Daly

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Naomi Donaldson, Ellen McEvoy, Moira McLoughlin and Deirdre Daly at the launch of Messages for Mothers. Photograph: Mark Monahan

“Motherhood is an amazing, overwhelming experience but new mothers are bombarded daily by inaccurate information on social media which heaps on the pr(...)

Self-care in early motherhood comes in many forms, ranging from doing small things for yourself to seeking support of family and friends to asking for help from health professionals.

Sarah Ryan learned the hard way about the importance of self-care for mental health as a new mother. It was only on her second pregnancy that she was(...)

Hennessy Literary Awards: the winners of the 2017 awards will be announced at a gala ceremony on March 28th at the Irish Museum of Modern Art, in Dublin. Illustration: Jayesh/Getty

Let’s begin with Sebastian Barry – a penniless 23-year-old Sebastian Barry, that is, in a tiny room in Paris in 1979, writing and rewriting a story he(...)

Research shows one in three mothers in Ireland suffered from pelvic girdle pain three months after giving birth, while one-half had experienced painful sex and one-quarter had not resumed sex. Photograph: Katie Collins/PA

Women in Ireland are experiencing a litany of birth-related hidden health problems affecting every aspect of their lives, according to a major new stu(...)