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Vodafone said Irish companies working in traditional manufacturing were among those embracing IoT

Adoption of internet of things (IoT) technologies by businesses continues to rise in the Republic, according to Vodafone. The company said it had se(...)

Vodafone’s new ‘Business Invent’ platform enables developers to quickly create IoT-focused apps for industry

Vodafone Ireland has introduced a new app development platform allowing for the creation of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. The move comes as the (...)

IoT is effectively an ecosystem of digital sensors, home appliances and wearable smart device that can talk to and interact with each other via the internet

Adoption of internet of things (IoT) technologies rose significantly in the Republic last year, according to telecoms operator Vodafone with businesse(...)

Vodafone Ireland IoT country manager Debbie Power and HealthBeacon co-founder chief technical officer Kieran Daly.

Vodafone Ireland has teamed up with Irish digital therapeutics company HealthBeacon to provide internet of things (IoT) connectivity for the company’s(...)