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“It is women and girls who largely bear the burden of inadequate sexuality education,” according to the Irish Family Planning Association. Photograph: Getty Images

Weaknesses in the quality of sex education provided to pupils in the State’s schools are seen “first hand every day” in pregnancy counselling centres,(...)

The proportion of students who felt upset or threatened due to social media or internet postings was highest in the girls’ school. File photograph: Getty Images

Students who are bullied at school are mostly taunted about their weight or appearance, according to a new study. Teachers say a growing focus on bod(...)

 Rapidly-changing performances of the masculine self – from Conor McGregor (above)  to Donald Trump.

A group of students and teachers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison recently got together to start a Men’s Project. It was “a six-week course ope(...)

Virtual reality: The introduction of new technologies into pornography can also serve to compound complex, societal ills. Photograph: AP Photo/Manu Fernandez

In more innocent (stupid) times, people believed bicycle seats turned women into lesbians. While it has never technically been disproven, it’s probabl(...)