Spicy tofu bao

My love for spuds and bread runs deep, so when I first tried the mega-trendy bao buns, it was a bite and a sigh and a “where have you been all my life(...)

Crunchy crusted chicken. Photograph: Anne-Marie Carroll

This is cupboard mash-up week – you know, that in-between week after Halloween but before the Christmas luxury comes into play? It is a frugal time wh(...)

This winter turn to those superfoods that armour-plate our system: ginger, turmeric, bone broth, cider vinegar, garlic, seaweeds

The first time I met the fermentation guru Sandor Katz, I thought: “Wow, this guy is the healthiest looking dude I have ever seen!” Which was kind of(...)

 Erica O’Regan and friends from Carlow at last year’s Electric Picnic festival.  Photograph: Alan Betson

ELECTRIC ARENA Friday Rejjie Snow 11.00-12.00 Bicep (Live) 9.30-10.30 Vince Staples 8.00-9.00 Young Fathers 6.45-7.30 Rejji(...)

Elly Curshen aka Elly Pear: building blocks for healthy eating

  Elly Pear’s first book, Fast Days and Feast Days, catered to advocates of the 5:2 diet. It sold extremely well, but the market for her second,(...)

More than 30,000 people are expected to attend the Savour Kilkenny food festival later this week. Photograph: Pat Moore.

Savour Kilkenny, the food festival that celebrates a decade in existence this year, takes over the city and its environs this coming bank holiday week(...)

Ruth graduated in November and went to work as a chef de partie at Restaurant Patrick Guilbaud, having worked there part-time since her second year in college

Dearbhla Reynolds Fermentation Fermentation is only going to get bigger in Ireland this year. Dearbhla Reynolds of the Cultured Club fizzes with ent(...)

Fermented drinks are a food fashion that’s really taking off. Photograph: Getty

If the words probiotic drink bring to mind over-priced little supermarket-bought plastic bottles of questionable efficacy, think again. Dearbhla Reyno(...)

It’s disconcerting to see the drops of clear liquid harden and cloud like candlewax when they hit the glass table top. Is this what’s happening in my (...)