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This year’s awards span 25 categories, ranging from business and politics to showbiz and sport

The Irish Times has received more nominations than any other newspaper in the shortlist for this year’s national Journalism Awards, with more than twi(...)

In an era when every industry is becoming an offshoot of the technology industry, and when the decisions of software engineers affect all our lives in profound ways, Silicon Valley has become a crucial ground zero in the battle for gender equality. Photograph: Mike Blake/Reuters

Occasionally, a story blows up out of nowhere that so perfectly fits the times that it appears to have been delivered from the gods as some sort of pa(...)

On the tenth anniversary of the first rumblings of the global financial crisis, the Inside Business podcast looks at whether the Irish economy has really emerged from a “lost decade”.

On the tenth anniversary of the first rumblings of the global financial crisis, the Inside Business podcast looks at whether the Irish economy has rea(...)

Bill Gates: for years he persisted in unveiling his tablets and smartphones, proof of his preparedness. And then Microsoft’s winter came, in the form of mobile, and all those years of preparation were for naught. Photograph:  Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic

The world of regulation and anti-trust enforcement, it need hardly be pointed out, is not the most scintillating area of public interest – the intermi(...)

 February 2016:  a man holds up an iPhone displaying a “No Entry” image as part of a rally in front of an Apple store in New York in support of the company’s privacy policy. Photograph: Justin Lane/EPA

At first, the attack on a Christmas party in San Bernardino, California, in December 2015 seemed like a “conventional” mass shooting – a disgruntled (...)

 Apple  featured Castro as a “New App We Love” in  stores in 100 countries. Photograph: Michaela Rehle/Reuters

As podcasts increasingly become a mainstream alternative to traditional radio broadcasting, an independent Irish app design firm has attempted to reth(...)

Burgernomics: the Big Mac Index revealed a big gap between Argentina’s supposed and real rates of inflation. Photograph: Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg

“Lies, flame-grilled lies and statistics” ran the headline on a short piece in the Economist in January 2011. The article was about a quirk revealed b(...)

The story of Apple and Steve Jobs functions as a convenient narrative shorthand for the wider understanding of the history of modern technology. That narrative is an important one, of course, but it is misleading in many crucial ways.

Apple has turned 40. There’s something incongruous about the landmark, as if technology companies are not, really, supposed to reach middle age. That(...)

Within weeks of our buying a Sony, VHS-only video libraries sprouted up around the country offering all those Schwarzenegger and Stallone films.

The announcement this week that Sony was finally going to cease production of Betamax video cassettes was a bit like hearing some dimly remembered sta(...)

Eric Migicovsky at  the 2015 Web Summit in the RDS, Dublin. Photograph:  Diarmuid Greene / SPORTSFILE / Web Summit

“There’s 14 billion wrists in the world,” says Eric Migicovsky with a smile. There is a very good reason he has an interest in wrists and what can go (...)

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