Firefighters battle the Bobcat Fire as it grows, out of control, on its northern front near Wrightwood, California, USA. Photograph: David McNew/EPA

What most disturbs best-selling science author David Wallace-Wells about climate change isn’t so much that the worst-case scenarios may come to pass. (...)

Even before the latest fires, Deloitte estimated that the economic costs to Australia of natural disasters would rise to 39 billion Australian dollars (€24.2 billion) a year by 2050, equivalent to almost 2 per cent of the country’s current GDP

Around my parents’ home on England’s south coast, global warming is proceeding so benignly that French champagne houses are buying up tracts of local (...)

Hummingbird hawkmoth. Illustration: M Viney

Some exotic wings appeared in Irish gardens at the peak of last month’s surreal incursion of spring. In Dublin’s Ballybrack, a hummingbird hawkmoth (...)

Climate change: it’s tough on polar bears, but we tell ourselves we can do without them. Photograph: GR/Getty

Crying wolf is a risky strategy, even when the wolf is, quite demonstrably, at the door. People may still say you are imagining the wolf, or that it h(...)