Fitch Ratings said the risks of companies fleeing Ireland if the Government did not fight the European Commission’s Apple tax ruling were limited. Photograph: Dado Ruvic/Reuters

Apple is challenging it and the Government does not want it, but bond investors might one day end up benefiting from it. The European Commission’s ru(...)

Alexis Tsipras, leader of the Syriza party, waves to supporters as he arrives at Athens University following his election victory in Athens, Greece, on Sunday, January 25th, 2015. Tsipras said that Greece’s era of bowing to international creditors is over, as he celebrated his party’s victory in Greek elections dominated by a public backlash against years of budget cuts. (Photograph: Kostas Tsironis/Bloomberg)

After five years of relentless belt- tightening, Greeks have said enough. It’s now up to the country’s euro-area peers to decide how to respond to the(...)

Investors are buying up government debt amid signs the European Central Bank is gearing up to announce a fresh stimulus package next month. Photograph:  Michael Kooren/Reuters

Investors flooded into safe-haven US and German government bonds and fled equities worldwide today following mixed US and weak European economic figur(...)

People pass by a political poster reading:  “Troika out. Elections now. Turn the crisis around. Cut the debt and not the salaries”, on a street in Lisbon earlier today.  Photograph: Jose Manuel Ribeiro/Reuters

Portugal has issued its first new government bonds since requesting (...)