David Lawlor

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A latent log jam is emerging however, mainly due to the lack of options for older homeowners looking to trade down. Photograph: iStock

The new homes market will be well served this autumn, with plenty of options coming on stream, most of which will be aimed at first time buyers. “The(...)

The Greenway by Iconic Offices. David Lawlor and Amos Unkovich of Brand New Creative use the break-out booths. Photograph: Dave Meehan

“This is Narnia,” says Hazel Shaw as she opens a big blue wardrobe on the first floor of the multicoloured co-working space Tara Buildings, painted by(...)

Thormanby Hill is a 17-acre site by Cosgrave Group that launched in May of last year. For a developer best known for its three- and four-bedroom home(...)

Ten years after a 17-acre site close to Howth summit was purchased by Cosgraves for €17 million, the first houses in a scheme of 30 luxury homes off T(...)

The new houses at Brickfield in Dún Laoghaire

There’s nothing new about crowded viewings of houses in Dublin of late, but it’s a different story when those crowds convert to actual sales on(...)