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Japanese former professional boxer Iwao Hakamada, who was sentenced to death for the murder of four members of a family in 1966. Photograph: Kazuhiro Nogi/AFP/Getty Images

Iwao Hakamada (82) spends a lot of time in the neat apartment he shares with his sister gazing out the window. After 48 years in jail, most of it in s(...)

Aryzta chairman  Gary McGann and chief executive  Kevin Toland. Analysts agree that the management team has inherited most of the problems with which they are now wrestling. Photograph: Alan Betson

There’ll likely be no cake to celebrate the 10th birthday this month of Irish-Swiss baker Aryzta. It is probably looking to raise some dough. In the w(...)

Michael Kelly: “We didn’t recognise the important role social media can play in increasing awareness of a business.”

Michael Kelly is managing director of Glandore, which provides serviced private office and hot-desking space to more than 1,600 clients in Dublin and (...)

Kathy Griffin: “I’ve been in fake Hollywood trouble before, but to be on the Interpol list and to have the president personally coming at me?” Photograph: Emma McIntyre/Getty LOS ANGELES, CA - MARCH 07: Comedian Kathy Griffin: “I’ve been doing this for my whole career . . . I’ve a history of this.” Photograph: Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

In June a photograph by Tyler Shields went up on TMZ. It featured the comedian Kathy Griffin holding a Donald Trump mask doused in tomato ketchup. It (...)

 Myeshia Johnson she kisses the casket of her husband army Sgt La David Johnson during his burial service at the Memorial Gardens East cemetery in Hollywood, Florida. Photograph: Gaston de Cardenas/AFP/Getty Images

The controversy over US president Donald Trump’s phone call to a widow of a US soldier killed during an ambush in Niger has deepened after the preside(...)

‘Our experience of previous periods of high insurances costs suggest that car maintenance will reduce, increasing the risk of accidents and the incidence of uninsured driving is also likely to increase,’ says Alan Nolan, director general of SIMI. Image: iStock

There is an increasing clamour for the motor insurance premiums in Ireland to be brought down. The Society of the Irish Motor Industry (SIMI) has cla(...)

David Johnson, founder and managing director of Inhous. “There are so many Irish people in London and I’ve really started to realise how high up they are in their roles.”

“In Hooke & MacDonald there was the potential to climb the ladder in terms of position and earning power,” recalls David Johnson. “Then I moved (...)

Nina Byrnes, a doctor and TV presenter, has secured a temporary High Court injunction restoring her to possession of a medical surgery she has been operating at a south Dublin shopping centre.

A doctor and TV presenter has secured a temporary High Court injunction restoring her to possession of a medical surgery she has been operating at a s(...)

Brian O’Driscoll “I knew I was small and knew I had to wait for a bit of size to come. It came over the course of that summer. I must have grown four or five inches.”

The rugby is over now. They can be found in Dublin offices like Davy Stockbrokers, KPMG or away in Chicago, London and Vancouver. All pushing 40, many(...)

Philip Marley did not respond to requests for comment on Ms Wilkey. Photograph: David Sleator

Dana Wilkey, the girlfriend of Dublin businessman Philip Marley, has been indicted by a federal grand jury in California along with two business part(...)

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