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Pat Hickey was charged with criminal offences on Septmeber 6th, 2016.

2009: July 9th: Email from Marcus Evans to Patrick Hickey refers to a recent earlier dinner and a proposal that Marcus Evans Ltd. become the ticket (...)

Finbarr Higgins, executive chef at the Clayton Hotel, Burlington Road,   will be on canapé duty at the 9th annual Irish Restaurant Awards.

Five well-known Irish chefs face one of the most daunting challenges of their careers when they report for duty at the Clayton Hotel on Burlington Roa(...)

Former Olympic Council of Ireland president Pat Hickey. Photograph: Humberto Ohana/AFP/Getty Images

Pat Hickey and Kevin Mallon must face trial in Brazil over their alleged role in the Olympic Council of Ireland (OCI) ticketing affair after a Rio de (...)

Two OCI officials, Kevin Kilty and Stephen Martin, leave  a police station in north of Rio after being interviewed.  Photograph: AP Photo/Leo Correa

Two Olympic Council of Ireland (OCI) officials are witnesses but not suspects in their investigation into the alleged ticket touting controversy at th(...)

Ireland’s Olympic Council team leader Kevin Kilty, left, and chief executive Stephen Martin arrive at police headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Photograph: Leo Correa/AP Photo

Brazilian police are satisfied that the two Olympic Council of Ireland (OCI) officials they interviewed on Thursday had no role in the alleged ticketi(...)

Guitarist David Gilmore (not to be confused with David Gilmour of Pink Floyd, but try telling the search engine that), first emerged as part of Steve(...)