Communication around returning to work after maternity leave should be open, transparent and happen as early as possible, even before the women goes on leave. Photograph: iStock

Increased interest in the treatment, representation and equality of women in the workplace has been reflected by media and industry attention to issue(...)

“It’s worth remembering that a gap between your experience and what’s now expected of you is normal. Very few of those promoted to any new position are 100 per cent role-fit.” File photograph: Getty Images

Getting on the first rung of the management ladder might seem like a dream come true. But the transition from being a follower to becoming a leader ca(...)

Recently compiled rankings found that, on average, female participation in top Executive MBA (EMBA)  programmes is just 28 per cent.  Photograph: iStockphoto/Getty Images

When you think of a person with a master’s in business administration (MBA), what image springs to mind? Sharp suit? High powered job? A man? If the (...)