‘With so much business being conducted via video, people are keen to present a polished performance.’ Photograph: iStock

The past 14 months have been a bumpy ride for some segments of the learning and development (L&D) sector. Collective revenues at top-flight intern(...)

Ongoing development of a strong talent pipeline is very much linked to the diversity and  inclusion culture within an organisation. File photograph: Getty

Coronavirus may have turned how companies do business on its head, but it hasn’t changed their fundamental need for good people. Without employee bu(...)

HR departments have shouldered much of the burden of the coronavirus workload – from taking care of employee health and wellbeing to solving problems associated with the transition to working from home.

In the corporate pecking order, HR has often played second fiddle to the more commercially driven aspects of corporate operations. But while savvy chi(...)

Dr Mary Canning, President of th Royal Irish Academy. Photograph: Johnny Bambury.

The setting up of an independent network of scientific advisers is needed to advise government “on the formidable scientific challenges facing Ireland(...)

A recent study found 50% of jobs will be augmented to a greater or lesser extent by technological changes in the next five to 10 years. Photograph: iStock/Getty

The impact that technology such as robotics and artificial intelligence will likely have on work certainly makes for good headlines. One doesn’t have (...)

Communication around returning to work after maternity leave should be open, transparent and happen as early as possible, even before the women goes on leave. Photograph: iStock

Increased interest in the treatment, representation and equality of women in the workplace has been reflected by media and industry attention to issue(...)

“It’s worth remembering that a gap between your experience and what’s now expected of you is normal. Very few of those promoted to any new position are 100 per cent role-fit.” File photograph: Getty Images

Getting on the first rung of the management ladder might seem like a dream come true. But the transition from being a follower to becoming a leader ca(...)

Recently compiled rankings found that, on average, female participation in top Executive MBA (EMBA)  programmes is just 28 per cent.  Photograph: iStockphoto/Getty Images

When you think of a person with a master’s in business administration (MBA), what image springs to mind? Sharp suit? High powered job? A man? If the (...)