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Bexy Cameron now lives in London and directs commercials, short documentaries and short films.

At the start of Bexy Cameron’s jaw-dropping memoir, she writes that when strangers hear she grew up in a cult, they say to her, “Tell me everything”. (...)

 Joaquin Phoenix:  “The suggestion is my parents weren’t responsible. That pisses me off. My parents are the most protective people you could meet in your fucking life.” Photograph:  Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Joaquin Phoenix isn’t in the room. Has he climbed out the window? It’s a long way down and it’s snowing. Still, he is a bit of an eccentric. After a f(...)

An April 21st, 2010,  file photograph of BP’s  Deepwater Horizon oil rig burning afer an  explosion in the Gulf of Mexico that claimed nine lives and resulted in a massive offshore oil spill.  Photograph: Gerald Herbert/AP

BP persuaded an appeals court to order a re-examination of key terms of the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill settlement that the company said could have (...)