Aid:Tech approached the Irish Red Cross with the technology and partnered with them to deliver aid to Syrian refugees

AID:TECH Support for young mothers in remote areas of Tanzania, aid to Syrian refugees in northern Lebanon and assistance for struggling farmers in S(...)

The Priviti solution allows customers to both grant and revoke consent for data-sharing securely, and no sensitive credentials are ever shared, stored or monetised

The advent of GDPR and the EU PSD2 open banking directive could hardly have been more timely for Galway-based Priviti. Established in 2015 by Gerard B(...)

Protesters outside  Shelbourne Park  last month criticising the closure of  Harold’s Cross stadium. Photograph: Dave Meehan

A group of greyhound owners and breeders have held a protest in Co Cork over what they call Minister for Housing Simon Coveney’s “decimation” of the i(...)

Photograph: Thinkstock

So the tree is heading for recycling and what’s left of the turkey has been confined to the bin. Most people will have been paid two week ago and w(...)