Daryl Hall

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Mark Ronson:‘Therapy has made me a more stable, balanced, less anxious person.’  Photograph: Joe Pugliese/Courtesy of Apple

Mark Ronson has been a DJ longer than he hasn’t: his entire adult life, sometimes working four or five nights a week, since he was 18. “What is that?”(...)

John Oates (left) and Daryl Hall: ‘We had a lethal ability to experiment’

I’m half an hour into my interview with John Oates when he insists I need to look at YouTube as a matter of extreme urgency. “You’ve never seen this?”(...)

Daryl Hall & John Oates play the Marquee, Cork, July 8th.

Saturday, July 6 Cairde Festival Sligo cairdefestival.com/festival-box-office Out west, there’s a whole lotta diversity going on at the Cairde Slig(...)

Mayer Hawthorne has a schtick and it’s one he shows no sign of abandoning on his fourth album. Pop tunes ablaze with throwback soul and funk tri(...)

Accused has pleaded not guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to the manslaughter.

A man has been accused of setting fire to a makeshift den and causing the death of a 12- year-old boy trapped inside over a decade ago.Dermot Griffin (...)